Filemaker Consulting and Development
for small businesses and owner operators
Filemaker offers all a smaller business needs in a database. Its client-server architecture is simplicity itself to set up, and unlike most other multi-user database systems it requires minimal maintenance. It will even serve clients on both Macintosh and Windows platforms simultaneously without fuss.

No-one can say that developing a custom database is easy. There are many aspects to the process, and the chosen software is just one of them. But Filemaker reduces the programming burden and makes it easier to accommodate changes and additions, allowing the developer to concentrate more on client needs and processes than on writing code. As a result, a database system built using Filemaker can be anything up to 90% cheaper than with other comparable products.

There are limitations though. Not every need is met by Filemaker, and some applications may not be advisable. So if you want a web-based shopping cart solution capable of handling thousands of hits per hour, I will recommend a different approach — and probably recommend someone else to do the work for you.

To get an idea of what Filemaker can do, check out some of the work I have done.