Filemaker Consulting and Development
for small businesses and owner operators
The traditional approach to data systems is to plan the complete structure and then go away for months (or even years) to program it. By the time your database is delivered, it's possible — or even likely — that your needs will have changed. Certainly, you will have spent months struggling on without the benefit of your new system.

Iterative design is an alternative way of working, and one much more suited to smaller businesses with limited resources. I work with you, starting from the premise that you don't know exactly what kind of data system you need. By taking a quick look at your business, I am able to immediately identify areas that would benefit most from being automated. Then, working together with partners if necessary, I build a prototype for you to test. With luck (and I usually am "lucky"), the prototype will — with a few minor tweaks — be good enough to put into use right away. So you can start realizing an advantage almost immediately.

Then the process of iteration begins. Can anything be improved? What extra functions would be beneficial? Could the system be extended to cover more of your operations? I look into these questions, and use the results to build a second, improved version. After testing and review in your working environment, we updgrade to the new version.

This cycle of incremental improvement can be repeated over and over, bringing you a gradually improving, more replete data system. We "home in" on the ideal system at a rate that makes you feel comfortable and that you can afford.

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