Filemaker Consulting and Development
for small businesses and owner operators
Let's start with the easy part: software. You may have heard of Filemaker Pro. But you might not know that it's the perfect database tool for your situation. It has the flexibility to deal with a business that is only just learning how to systematize its operations. Yet at the same time has the power to allow for future growth. And importantly, it doesn't cost the earth.

But you need more than some fancy database software.

The first priority is to analyze the workings of your business and begin building a data model for it; to learn what can be automated and where the priorities lie. Obviously, you'll need a business consultant for that.

Then you'll need a specialist to take that model of your business and turn it into a database schema. And a programmer to implement it.

Beginning to sound expensive? Well, it needn't be. Let me explain something of my work philosophy, and you'll see what I mean.

To put it simply, I've been doing all of that stuff for years. I've observed small businesses, and drawn up models of how they operate. I've translated those models into database schema and then programmed the databases in Filemaker Pro. And beyond that, I've provided continuing support, upgrades, and expansion over many years -- because as you soon learn when you bring database technology into your business, a long-term relationship with your developer is to be valued above anything else.

Is it possible for one person to do all that? By working alone or with a few select partners, I'm able to develop information systems efficiently and affordably through a process of Iterative Design.