Filemaker Consulting and Development
for small businesses and owner operators
This is a list of some of the more important data systems I've designed and built in Filemaker.

Client: Electronic Components Distributor (offices in Japan, Taiwan, USA, China)

System: Order management system

This Windows-based solution processes orders from receipt (via ftp) to delivery, handling billions of components per year.

Client: Video Production Company (Tokyo, Japan)

System: Video project management system

This database assists account managers in the handling of video production projects. It tracks the various components of a project — shoots, staff, editing, graphics, etc. — and ultimately produces the invoice that is sent out to the client.

Client: International Mover (Tokyo, Japan)

System: Move management system

Tracks progress with international moves, many of them for employees of global companies, from the survey stage to delivery and the collecting of customer satisfaction data.

Client: Design Business (Tokyo, Japan)

System: Design project management system

This database manages ongoing projects such as CD production, video production, translation, and corporate brochures.

Client: Organic wholefoods retailer and wholesaler (Japan)

System: Stock and order management system
This large system manages retail (mail order) and wholesale orders for a large range of products, many of them imported. Includes purchase order management and inventory control.

Client: Non-profit in the Medical Sector (Tokyo, Japan)

System: Conference attendee management system