Filemaker Consulting and Development
for small businesses and owner operators
Order Management

A complete order management solution custom designed for the client's particular mode of business. Orders are received either by ftp for automatic processing or by email/fax for manual input. Matching orders are sent out to suitable factories around Asia so as to ensure on-time fulfilment. Purchasing and selling prices are automatically looked up and checked from an extensive catalog with tens of thousands of different price points.

Major Features

• Five to six users handling up to several billion items per year
• Intuitive bilingual interface (Japanese/English)
• Extensive price list with tens of thousands of price points for different customer/supplier combinations
• Printed and electronic POs, invoices, and packing lists
• Trouble-free operation over four years of iterative development
• Extensive reports previously impossible to produce in a timely manner
• Built-in contact management system

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